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Working with Daily Five/Cafe in New Zealand


I am wondering if anyone has promoted this in New Zealand. Has there been development/courses of some kind in NZ. I have done online courses and been working of this over a year now but now have alot of teachers asking about what to do in relation to new zealand ed system.


Hello, New Zealand! Exciting to year about all your interest and work with Daily Five/CAFE. It sounds like you are doing all you can to learn about making it work for you. There are no plans at this time to hold a face to face workshop in New Zealand.

There is a group that teachers in Southern Australia formed on Facebook called Daily5 (SA) where teachers across the area have great discussions. You might want to join their group just to get an idea about the types of discussions they have online. Then, perhaps you and others could start one for NZ teachers!

I might also suggest taking a look at the CAFE menu and comparing it to your national/state standards. By matching up the strategies in the two areas, it helps to see how CAFE can work within your system. You might also look at the CAFE menus matched up with the Common Core standards, which are the suggested standards for most of the US.

Of course, you certainly can use the Discussion Board here to pose questions and ideas, as well.

Keep us posted on your thoughts and progress. Happy to help however we can!!


We also offer online seminars and graduate courses for those who are unable to attend a workshop or who are looking to learn more from a distance. You can learn about those here:

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