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Whole class lesson elements


I am working with new teachers in my building that are in their 1st year of implementing Daily 5/Cafe. As a building this is our 4th year of implementation. We are ready to start talking about whole group focus lessons. We are using the ready reference guides but what I have noticed in previous years is we sometimes forget to talk about secret to success for the particular strategy. I like the Whole Class Lesson Elements on pages 95-97 of The Cafe Book. I feel that it can help to remind teachers the critical focus lesson elements along with the Ready Reference Guides. Is this something that the sisters recommend still using? Also is there anything on the website (such as an article and/or video) to support these whole lesson elements?

Thank you


Absolutely still recommended :). If you go to the interactive CAFE menu from the home page, click on the specific strategy for the lesson. The videos and articles listed there will all support the lesson. Some are the whole class videos and some are strategy groups.

If you go to the new document available on the website, CAFE Essential Elements, scroll down to the section about Whole Group nstruction, you will see the elements that we should be considering. Here’s the link to that booklet.

The whole document is fabulous, and there is a separate one for Daily 5/Math Daily 3. They would be great for working with your teachers.


Suzanne has great ideas! You can also use the focus lesson template and show them an example of a lesson. Hollie provides a great example. :slight_smile: