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Using Math Daily 3 with Go Math curriculum


I teach first grade and our school is using Go Math curriculum for the second year. I want to organize my math time the same as Daily 5 but am not sure how to teach mini lessons with this curriculum curriculum. Do I just teach the common core standards and send home the curriculum as homework? Any ideas would be welcome.


I do not have much advice for you, as I have been trying to figure out the same thing. I have tried doing some of the class work pages and then having the students do the on your own part for a “round” but I haven’t really liked how it worked out. Any other "Go Math"ers out there!?


Here’s an article that might help. It’s not specific to Go Math, but with using any curriculum.[articletypes]=0&article_search_button=Search


I use Go Math as well and will start Math 3 this year. Last year I did stations with partner work, independent work and games all according to each day’s lesson. In between each round a group would come to me for the lesson and there were 3 groups. I am going to try that again this year, just more organized in a Daily 3 way. My question is what do you put under each heading? Math strategies fit under all three, so then, what?


Check out this video–I think it might help you.

And here’s a link to an article about the board for math.


I see. I was confusing it with the CAFE board. The activities menu is a great idea, should we then do an activities menu for Daily 5 as well?


No, no activities board for CAFE. Just your strategies board. And, you’ll be keeping their check-in sheet for which choices they make, right?


Yes, I have a strategies board for CAFE and a check-in sheet. Thanks.