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Using Burns and Roe


Have just run off a copy of Burns and Roe. Need to have some milestones for my school in Australia. Without them my school will not be convinced to use this invaluable tool. My question- Could you please give me an age benchmark for each Level . Eg. Primer - usually 5-year olds, Level 4-
I understand students excell at different rates but I just need a benchmark to do some convincing. PLEASE!!!


I found this online. I compares lots of assessment tools, including the Burns and Roe. This is from


I also ran across this information document from the University of Michigan. If you’re working to convince others of its importance, you might find information in this document.


You are fantastic thank you. Also need to know what are your age range reference as the table talks of basal age. This is Australia, I need to know what age roughly is Primer, Grade 1 etc. Is this possible?


Sorry me AGAIN!! Another few questions:

  1. On the scoring Aid on the Burns and Roe- I understand the word recognition count and the word amount for the rate. But not sure what the WPM total is for? I am assuming that WPM is words per minute but the figure under the division type sign is way too large to be the word count eg on P form their are only 84 words but under the division type sign it has a figure of 5040…can you explain this.

  2. I was able to download most of the test of the net. But it didn’t give me the full copy of the word list- Missing 9 to level 12?

Where can I buy a full copy of the test? I will check with ACER- in Australia.

Thank you once again


Hello, Australia!

The ages I listed below are the “expected” levels–as we all know, kids move at all different rates, and after we assess, we start teaching where they begin instruction. Does that make sense? Again, just usual ages.

Kindergarten is ages 5-6
Pre-Primer can start in late Kinder and the first half of first grade (6-early 7)
Primer and 1st are usually for 6-7 years old
2nd grade, 7-8
3rd grade, 8-9
4th grade, 9-10
5th grade 10-11


I’m sorry, I don’t have access the assessment here at home (it’s our summer :smile:), so I can’t really look it up. You are right, however–WPM is words per minute, and 5040 certainly can’t be true!! Perhaps other friends out there can help with that problem!

I know you can order it from Amazon. There also seem to be a lot of used copies that are a lot cheaper than a new one, if that interests you. Here’s a link to that page:

I’m sure most teacher book stores have it, or can get it. Good luck in your search!

PS Keep the questions coming–love to “talk” with you!!


Thank you once again. I know that kids move at different rates. But I just need some milestones to attach to the document to convince our school. Your guidance has been brilliant. I will let you know of our progress. Don’t worry I WILL BE sending more questions!!! Sorry you have to answer them in your big break!! This site is ONE of the best I have ever used in my 25 years of teaching!!! Thank you for providing such a platform to learn ‘quickly’!!!


Thank you for your kind words!! I love being on here and talking through questions and ideas!

I appreciate this site as a teacher, too. I come to it often to reread an article or view a video. That’s a great compliment you gave. If you don’t mind, I’ll share it with the Sisters–they work hard to make the site the best it can be.


Me again! Just need someone to walk me through the scoring again around the ‘division’ part of the assessment.


I just want someone to walk me through to ensure I have it all correct. Is it possible to do a phone link up? Skype? I am willing to pay.


Hopefully, there is someone else at your campus that is using this by now, too, and you feed off of each other. I’m not a skyper, but perhaps someone here will be able to help you. Best of luck.


I just want someone to talk to about the scoring in each section I still haven’t; got the part that has the division section clear. All other areas very clear. Is it possible to call yourself or one of the sisters?


Oh, I wish I felt qualified to respond to your request!! Is there someone out there who is well enough versed on the Burns and Roe that can help our friend?