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Tuning Into New and Interesting Words


Has anyone else had this issue? After introducing “tune into new and interesting words,” it is by far the most popular strategy that the students choose for Read to Self. Then the students are crestfallen when they can’t all share the words they have found with the class. I think I sold it a little too well…
Or maybe I did it all wrong! Any direction, advice is appreciated, but I have read everything and watched every video on the Daily Cafe. Maybe something got lost in translation:confounded:


Reallly, that’s awesome!! How about having a couple of minutes of partner share about words they have found and loved? Everyone could keep their own special word wall of new and interesting words–maybe post them once on a wall and do a short “gallery walk” with a few kids each time.

I think you just did a great job of introducing it, and go with it!!


Just to add to what you said, I have each of my students keep a “word wall” in their book baggies (gallon bags that hold their books and journals). What I did was I cut a full sized file folder in half (so they would fit in their bags). On the front of the folder they wrote “Expand Vocabulary: Tune into Interesting Words” As they are reading and find one, they add it to their personal word wall folder.

It has been really helpful for my students because the struggling readers are able to add new sight words to their word walls and they get really excited. For my higher students they have to write the word, what they think it means, and use it in a sentence (next they will add - look up the word in a dictionary). I usually have them do this on a sticky note and then stick it inside their word wall folder.

Do your students have their own word walls already? If not, this may help :stuck_out_tongue: