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Texas TEKS and Daily 5 and CAFE--are the aligned?


We are implementing Daily 5 and CAFE into our elementary this upcoming year. I teach in Texas. How can I assure my principal that Daily 5 and CAFE are aligned with the TEKS?



What grade do you teach? A colleague and I went through the TEKS and the CAFE menu a few years ago for 1st , and I have a document with the info in it. I have another document with only the TEKS numbers and CAFE strategies for grades 1-5. If you’d like to see what we did, sent me an email, and I’ll mail them to you.


That would be so amazing!! My email is I have Tier 2 and 3 reading intervention, and am Literacy Coach for PK-5. I taught first grade for 23 years, and stopped 7 years ago to do intervention. This is my first year to be Literacy Coach. We are a very small school district, with only one teacher per grade level. We have never been aligned with our reading in elementary. I am suggessting to our principal that we implement Balanced Literacy, and Daily 5 and CAFE. Do you still use Daily 5 and CAFE? If so, are you pleased? Do you see growth in your students’ reading?
Thank you so very much!!


We LOVE Daily 5 and CAFE!! Our first and second grades use it universally, some 3rd, 4th and 5th but not all. We are at the opposite end of size–we have over 900 kids in our school, with 7-9 sections at each grade level :).

We see our students much more involved in the reading process and working independently. The kids love it, too. If we have an assembly or something, the kids are like, “What?? you mean we miss our Daily 5 today?” We have seen amazing growth in our readers, not only in their reading levels, but in the confidence they have in their reading abilities.

It’s also helped our teachers become more aware of conferring with and discovering the specific strategies their learners need.

I also was a first grade teacher for 17 years before moving into reading intervention and teacher support. I do have to pull small groups across grade levels, but have used the principles of Daily 5 and the CAFE strategies in my small groups.

I’ll send you my documents this afternoon.



Do you think you would be able to share the alignment with me as well? I teach fifth grade and really would like to give the Daily 5 a go this year!



I am in the same situation. Does anyone have this for 6th grade reading? At the Dallas workshop, it was mentioned that there would be an alignment coming soon. Is this available, yet?


I would love to see the CAFE strategies you aligned with the TEKS for grades 1-5. Do you have anything for Kindergarten? We are trying to implement D5 & CAFE school-wide and this would be so helpful to all of the teachers. I have been using D5 for a few years as a Kindergarten teacher, but this is my first real foray into CAFE and I feel like I can use all the help I can get. If you are willing to share them my email is

Thanks so much.


This is my first year teaching and I would love to see how the TEKS and Cafe menu go together. If you have time could you also share the information with me.

Thank you so much!


I sent it to you in your email :slight_smile:


We are just beginning The Daily 5 in our district. I teach second grade…could I possibly have the 2nd grade TEKS alignment with the CAFE menu? That would be a huge blessing!!! Thank you!!! -Traci


If you’ll send me your email, I’ll send it directly to you :). Happy to share.


We are also just beginning to use The Daily 5 in my district as well. I would love to have the 1st grade TEKS alignment with the CAFE menu. My email address is… THANK YOU!!! Lisa


I, too, would love this document!


Which grade level(s), Cyndy?


I just remembered you posted in another spot 3rd and 4th, right?


I am an Instructional Specialist on a K-5 campus. I would love to have this for all the grades. Thank you!


If you will give me your email, I’ll send it that way. Suzanne


Thank you! It is


Our internet is a bit spotty with the storms, so I’ll send it as soon as I can. :wink:


No problem at all, thank you so much!