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Teacher model reading vs computer


I am doing a little research on the benefits of the teacher reading the book to the students rather than having them listen to the story from online. I would love to see some research with effect sizes if at all possible. But I am having a hard time finding any research to say one is better than the other. Anyone have suggestions on where I could look or have any experience with this?


I wasn’t able to find research comparing the two, either. My teacher brain, though, tells me there is a big difference. The benefit of listening to stories read online is to hear good models of fluency–expression and rate.

Benefits of read alouds by a teacher, with either whole group or small groups, are numerous, which I’m sure you are aware of, as well. Not only do we model and share stories beyond their reading levels to build vocabulary, but we can stop and respond to questions as students have them.

There are many strategies that naturally pop-up during read alouds–not just the ones we may have planned on discussing. We can engage students in the language of the story, especially if there are repeating phrases or ideas. We can talk about text features, relate the story to their background knowledge and made text-to-text connections.

There are many great articles discussing read alouds, if you’d like links to some of those. As I said, just couldn’t find any comparing the two.


100% agree with you. I am hoping to have more read alouds per teacher instead of using youtube read alouds and was asked to show research on why it is more beneficial to have classroom teacher read. I love, love, love that I am being pushed to validate my teacher brain/gut feeling, but get frustrated when I can’t. :wink: