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Seeing Math 3 in Action


I am a math coach in CT. I have used the Daily 5 and CAFE, but not the Math 3. I would like some of my teachers to try the Math 3 because I feel our math block is missing structure. Is there anyone in CT, MA, NY or RI who has used the Math 3 framework and is willing to let me observe a math block? I think it would be beneficial to see how it comes together.


I’m in VA, so I’d love to help but it just wouldn’t be feasible :blush: However, I’ve just taken the math online webinar and it has helped a lot. They posted a great video that gives a wonderful understanding of how the Math Daily 3 works with the mini lessons, and they also posted great examples of different structures of Math Daily 3 for different amounts/intervals of time. I highly recommend taking this online webinar!