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Ready math and i-Ready math and Daily 3


We use a hybrid curriculum at our school: I teach, We work, groups work, individual work. This is coupled with online differentiation based on diagnostic testing and growth monitoring. The problem: computer work eats up a lot of time. Any suggestions on how this could work? I’m thinking it should be a natural, but have limited ideas.


I’m going to link another discussion from the Discussion Board that might help you think through your problem. Allison shares some ideas about working with programs and Math Daily 3.


Thank you! I think the structure of Math 3 really lends itself to Ready Math and iReady math. Question: since the computer component is required (15 min 3 days a week) would it be ok to add a 4th component to Math 3 or would I include it with Math by myself?


If you have the time, adding that extra 15 on those three days would keep the Daily 3 structure intact, and still allow you to meet your computer requirement.


This fall I will use the acronym MATHS for my rotations:
M Meet with teacher
A At your seat (Math by myself)
T Task or technology
H Hands on
S How and share
I will have my focus lessons, and have two or three groups meet with me each day.
COlor 1 - Mon & Wed Meet with teacher and T (task & Tech
- Tues & THurs - At your desk & Hands On
FRidays will be for whole class activity- weekly class graph (done various ways), Math fact fluency goal setting and quiz, and could be your third 15-20 min tech. students get choice in their rotation - eg. TAsk - could be working in their representing numbers book/number of the day, problem of the day, Individual activity using whiteboards or papers/games in the plastic paper covers, or write your own problem. TEchnology would be using the Math app that our school uses and if done to a specific item can choose between cool Math games or our Alberta provincial Math site activities - 2
I may not work with all of one group during Meet with teacher - I may have a touch point and let them work on a choice and confer 1:1.
My show and share is show what is in your journal ( show what you know by working on or sharing it with others in small groups and as a class) and share is more talking about Math and our experience that day - sharing about their learning and sharing about our process ( Behavior and ah ha moment sharing and successes!). you may want to use some of these ideas. Marg


Thank you! This could be doable. I see that you are doing 2 rotations per day, is that correct? Probably closer to what I have time for. What grade do you teach?


Thank you for all your great ideas!


Yes, I am planning on two rotations each day with 2 short focus lessons a windup show and sharing time - will let students bring their work and put it under a document camera and explain at times and other times just talk about what we learned and did…


OK! I have been in my grade three class for three weeks and have been working on getting routines in place. We have binders with 2 plastic inserts with 2-4 sheets of paper in them for games - like rock and roll add, draw and add, draw and subtract, roll and write the place value and build __, add 10 more. I have them working at their desk independently fairly well. I am still working on getting my workstations running. my greatest success is getting kids to talk about their Math. my challenge I am working on is working on students working independently and increasing stamina. I work afternoons only and the morning teacher does not do anything like the daily 5 for LA. What she does is good, just different. it seems slower with younger students as I have mostly taught older kids in the last 10 years. Still working on it.


Sounds like you’re off to a great start. You’re so right–it often does take a bit longer for our younger ones–kinda like herding kittens!!.

Have you tried making a stamina chart like we do for Daily 5? Perhaps that visual would encourage them to work more for that. And, be kind to yourself–3 weeks is not a long time :).

Keep us abreast of your learnings–it helps us all to grow!