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NEW Stages & Elements of Daily 5 & Cafe


I was recently at a training with the 2 sisters and they shared a new explanation of the structure and stages for Daily 5 & Café. Does anyone know if these documents have been released?


In response to your question, Gail shares that they have created a document listing the Essential Elements of Daily 5, CAFE and Math Daily 3. Although these systems will look a bit different in varying classrooms, depending upon resources, teaching styles, students and requirements, there are elements of all 3 that are definitive of the frameworks.

It was shared at the San Jose workshop,and will be given to participants at the live workshops this year.


Linda, we are working on the technology so we can share the new Essential Elements with website members in time for the new school year. For now, we provide hand-outs at workshops. The Essential Elements contain in-depth implementation tools developed for Daily 5, CAFE and Math Daily 3. Stay tuned!


I am excited to take the Daily 5 and CAFE Quick Start—Prepare and Launch online seminar. I signed up for the class, and it starts tomorrow, July 21st. How do I log on, or sign in? I haven’t received information on how to do this?
Looking forward to it!
Kay Heilman


I just forwarded your question to Allison Behne, and either she or I will get back with you soon about your questions. I plan to “be” there, too, and am excited as well!!


Just got a response from Allison–

“Let her know she will receive an email late afternoon early evening today with login information.”



Hi Kay! I also signed up for that seminar! See you there
Kinder Spanish Immersion


I just got my email and completed the registration!! See ya in the morning!!