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Math Daily 3: What is the Difference?


Can somebody tell me the difference between Math By Myself and Math Writing? Can you give me examples?



Math By Myself provides time for kinestetic practice of math concepts that are primarily activity based. At the beginning of a new math unit, the activities are mostly review and practice from prior units of study. Then, as the new unit goes on, more of the Math Daily 3 activities become practice and reinforcement related to the current unit of study.

Math by Myself can involve activity boards, various math tools/ manipulatives, or even the use of computers or tablets. –Think of is as “doing” or manipulating materials to solve problems.

Math Writing is time students express and articulate their thinking and understanding by working an a particular math problem or math concept through pictures, numbers, and words, and occasionally by creating problems of their own as well. –Think of it as recording one’s thinking in writing.

(These ideas are a condensed version of the Sisters’ descriptions on the website. If you go to the home page and click the Math Daily 3 Tab, you can see more information and LOTS of activities to do for each area.