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Math Daily 3 student choice during “round”


When students are working on the Math Daily 3, are they allowed to change activities within one of the 3? For example, if a student is working on Math by Myself, can he/she switch from one Math by Myself activity to a different Math by Myself Activity? I have had such tremendous success with the Daily 5 that I am looking forward to implementing Math Daily 3!!!


Yes, that is fine. Think of it like switching to another book in Daily 5 :).


Would they have materials at their spot that would allow for changing to a different activity? Or would they get up from their spot, gather new materials, and then return to their spot?

I should add — I teach kindergarten! (not sure if that makes a difference in how it might be handled?)


I guess it depends on how your have materials organized–does each child have their own “tool box” or do they share community supplies? You want it to be as smooth as possible–we all know when kindergarteners start moving, that can sometimes be disruptive. :).

There’s no one way that’s right–it’s more what works for you in your classroom. Perhaps other kinder teachers have some ideas to share .


I don’t have it set up yet — so I guess I”m looking for ideas! My kids are doing SO WELL with daily 5 transitions (only moving at the end of the round), that I’m hesitant to set it up where kids have to move “during” a round… will think on it a little more, and would welcome suggestions from anyone else!!!


At this link,, there are a lot of ideas about organizing your materials.