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Math Daily 3 Parts


Hi all! I cannot find anywhere on the website where it discusses which of the daily 3 should actually be every day. For Daily 5, the two we do every day, are Read to Self and Work on Writing. The others depend on the grade level, stamina, importance, ability, and choice of the students. Do the Sisters recommend all three for math every day? Is so is that anywhere on the website or in the books? Thanks!


I haven’t found an “absolute” answer for you, but perhaps a way to think about your structure. The article at this link discusses how once the structure is introduced, you organize the time you have for math as you do for Daily 5.

I think the ideal would be to do all three everyday (in a perfect world), but feel that we have the choice as to what we ask of the students each day. I feel the structure asks us to have materials for all 3 areas available, and for the kids to make choices from each day. However, the kids may only get to two of them, depending on our specific schedules. We just have to make sure that kids visit all 3 areas throughout the week.

Make sense?