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Math Centers and Accountability


I have never tried math centers before in this way. I was wondering how you can be sure that students are practicing the concepts and skills accurately. For example, if students are building numbers using base 10 blocks and then cleaning them up, and I never see their work, then how will I know that they are not practicing incorrectly the whole time? I know that during individual conferences and small groups I will be working closely with them, but I feel like it could be detrimental to a student to practice a math skill or strategy incorrectly until I “catch” this problem.



I have this question, too, and would love to see an answer! :grinning:


Keep in mind that you will have modeled the games extensively in your focus lessons, and you will probably have an idea who is struggling a bit with a concept. Those can be the kids you meet with first in a small group or individually to check for understanding.

If it helps you feel more comfortable, you can have a short “exit slip” where kids answer a couple of questions about their work. This will give you a second heads up about any difficulties.


Great! Thank you for the response!