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Launching Math D3 while keeping up with curriculum?


My district uses Math Expressions, but we’re allowed to use other resources as long as we follow the Scope and Sequence and use the common language. This is my first year using Math Daily 3, and I launched Math by Myself last week. My 2nd graders reached 11 minutes of stamina on Friday, so I am going to introduce Math Writing on Monday.

I’m working on my plans for next week, and I’m struggling to fit in 3 mini-lessons (to cover the daily lesson), while also reviewing/introducing I-Charts, introducing new games and activities, and building stamina. I feel like, in the beginning at least, your mini-lessons need to be the 10 Steps to Learning Independence, which makes it difficult to fit the curriculum work in. I’ve cut it down to 2 mini-lessons per day, and some lessons are being stretched to more than one day.

So, I’m making it work, but I’m worried about falling behind. How is everyone else fitting in their regular lessons during the launching process?


I am having the same problem. I have 70 minutes for math, and the other teachers are so far ahead of me in terms of curriculum. I am starting to sweat a bit. I wish I had the answer for you, I am really just standing in solidarity with you on this. I hope someone has the answer!