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Launching Briefs


As I am reading the Math Writing Launching Brief pages, I am wondering if there are typos on both pages. Rather than referring to Math Writing, references to launching Math by Myself are found on both pages. Please help/explain!


I think I see what you are referring to.

Introduce Math Writing. Create I-chart (see sample above).
Follow 10 Steps to Independence.
Students will choose Math Writing activity from math board (taught in foundation lessons)
when building stamina.
Continue with Math by Myself launch. Students check in with a Math by Myself game/activity
and continue building stamina. Review I-chart as needed.
Optional: Review 10 Steps and build stamina again if time all

I think it’s assumed that you introduced “Math by Myself” before you are starting Math Writing. Therefore, the reference is to continue referring back to your Math by Myself I-Chart.