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Kindergarten Menu


I have the kindergarten emergent menu with Common Core standards. I’m wondering if there is a regular menu for Kindergarten with CCSS?


No, you’d just start with the first grade menu, using only the strategies that apply from there after you use the Emergent Menu.

BTW, the Emergent Menu is in the process of being redone by Gail and Allison.


Really?! Can we get a sneak peek? :wink:


Ha! I haven’t seen it either. Anticipation . . .


It was mentioned on Facebook live Dec 6 about the new emergent menu. Reception was so bad that I couldn’t understand what they said. It will be released in January or it IS released. Do you know?


It’s not released yet, and the live event had to be cancelled due to the technology problems.


Any release yet on new menu and I just haven’t found it?

Do I have the correct understanding that the kinder menu now is more a checklist? We should be looking at 1st grade menu and teaching the kinder standards from that?


Allison posted this response about a week ago in the Daily 5 and CAFE Quick Start Seminar about the Emergent Menu:

“Great question! The emergent menu is there for our emerging readers. When I taught Kindergarten I looked at the strategies on the Emergent menu to see what my whole class needed and those were the first strategies I taught. Then I started to add strategies from the regular cafe menu. So, in the end, it ended up being a blend of the two that was posted in the room. Gail and I are actually working on merging the emergent menu with the regular menu. You will see the new version come out in a few more months. So exciting!”


Any update on the new kindergarten menu? I’m so excited to take a peek at it!


I know . . . the suspense if killing us, right?? I’ll check with Ali and Gail again. :slight_smile: