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Ideas for great games for Math by Myself and Math with Someone


I attended a professional development session with Kim Sutton today, and kept thinking how all the games and strategies she shared would be GREAT for Math Daily 3!

She showed us ways to differentiate the games for different math levels of understanding, and talked about how these games are appropriate for ALL grades, depending on how we set them up.

Her website is, and if you click on the “Free pdf’s and conference files” tab on the right, you can get many of her handouts. She updates this all the times, so keep checking back.

I’m excited to try out what we heard with kiddos I work with, and to discover more about how to incorporate her suggestions into Daily 3. She referrened John Van De Walle’s philosophy of math many times (which the Sisters discuss) so I really think they would also support her ideas.

Would love to hear how you all might use her materials.