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Guided math in high school


I’m a high school math teacher looking for others that have successfully created and implemented guided math groups in their teaching. I’m looking for centre ideas that will be applicable to the older students and any feedback, helpful tips, resource references, etc for starting up at this level. I’ve read up on guided math for the younger grades and I’m hoping to be able to discuss this with teachers doing it at the high school level as there doesn’t seem to be much out there for high school. Looking forward to hearing from you all.


Have you see n the book by John Wan de Walle? The Sisters recommend them for elementary/middle school, and I think you could find a lot of ideas in this book of his geared towards grades 6-8.

As far as I know he doesn’t have a book geared to HS, but I’m sure you could adapt things to work for you. Let us know about your successes and learnings along the way.


Hey Krista, have you been successful at finding ideas over the last year?

I’d be very interested in adopting this structure for teaching at the high school level (though until my youngest goes to kindergarten, I’ll mainly be limited to the odd substitute teaching gig rather than setting up a classroom from scratch).