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Focus lessons during the day


I have q question concerning focus lessons. Do the focus lessons within the day need to connect to the same strategy? Or say the first one be a comprehension strategy, the 2nd one be a grammar lesson, and the 3rd be a writing strategy? I would love to hear how your focus lessons are set up? I am in 4th grade. Thanks!!!


I think the response to give you is, “It depends.” My first thought would be to make them focused on different strategies as you mention. However, if you began a comprehension lesson, let’s say, and felt like your students needed a bit more work to build understanding, you might continue that into the next lesson time.

It’s important that your focus lessons are related to your students’ needs, so you can’t plan them too far ahead. Yes, you can have a plan with where you think things are going, but I’ve found that some of my most effective lessons are when I notice a strategy needed by several students as I’m conferring, and I change my next focus lesson to address that.