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Does anyone have a Math menu similar to the CAFE menu?


I teach 4th grade. I was having my students highlight the CAFE menu. One color for strategies they felt they had solidly, and another color for the strategies they were working on currently. One of my students asked me if I had a menu like this for math. I thought that was a brilliant idea and wondered if anyone had already created something like that. Has anyone?


There is not a CAFE for math, and making one is not in the plans for now, according to the Sisters. Math is so much more complicated than reading. They recommending using NCTM standards and Common Core as your guide.


Thank you. I agree, it does seem like that would be much more complicated. Useful, but complicated. I am using the Common Core as my guide. Thanks


I’ve been using my county’s curriculum/state standards as the guide to the games I choose to put up on the Math Daily 3 board. As it turns out, many of these games represent a math strategy so the students are still practicing math skills and strategies. For example, in first grade, I showed the students how to play the game, “Doubles” and this game allows students to practice the doubles strategy when they are adding or subtracting. I’ve been using the board and Math Daily 3 this year and it’s really been working great - and my students truly enjoy this math learning time!


I saw a YouTube video where a teacher took the Math Standards and created a menu for the daily 3 called MAGIC. The categories she used for I and C did not fist with my standards so I adapted it a bit. M=Measurement, A=Algebraic Reasoning, G=Geometry, I=Interpret Data, C=Compute and Estimate. All of my Oklahoma State Standards fit into one of those categories.


Do you have the link you can post here for us to see?


Here’s the link.


I use MATH
Math by Self
Alphabet Math and Math Writing
Teacher Group
Partner math

I have primary colored tubs: the groups know which tubs they use for each day based on color- ie. Math by self may choose anything in a blue tub. Partner math may choose any thing in a red tub. etc. The students groups are heterogeneous and the students not in the teacher group do 2 rounds (15 minutes each) on a rotation. I pull homogeneous groups based on pretests or specific reteaching of our skills based report card. I teach a strategy, a new game, or read a math book at our meeting between rounds.


Looks like a great management system you’ve put together! Thanks for sharing.


I created a cafe like board for math for my second graders. I played around on pinterest a lot and found a few but they were more management based and not strategy based. I wanted something that would complement my cafe board and voices board (for writing). For math I use “compute” (compute, organize, model, find a pattern, understand what’s being asked, terms, and explain). After each whole group lesson I have my kids identify important vocab we used to put under terms and what strategies we used and what headings they should go under. It worked well for my second graders, but I’d like to find a shorter (but still math related) word to use!