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I am wondering if I do an online seminar, is the weekly video available only for the said week? So for the 7 days am I only able to watch it at my convenience for 1 week? Just curious if I have the ability to go back and refer to them after the seminar dates are over. Thanks!!


from S Rea

I have passed your question along, and the response will be posted when received :).


from S Rea

Here’s the response from Allison Behne, the leader of the online seminar.

"The recordings are available for one month following the seminar completion date. So those participating in the October seminar have access to the recordings through the end of November. "


Hi there, is there somewhere we should be checking regularly for the online seminar videos? Or will we receive a notification when the video for any particular week is ready?

Thanks for your time :slight_smile: