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CAFE without the Daily 5?!


Hi all,

I have just started teaching at a new school in Australia. I have taught for the past 5 years. This year I am teaching year 3/4 (ages 8-10) They teach reading via the CAFE method. My question is, they have told me they do CAFE and do not use The Daily 5? I am super confused as I thought they went hand in hand? I have always used BOTH in my teaching? I have to plan and send my planner to my prin by Monday and I don’t know what to plan exactly?! EEEEK?! Help?! TIA :slight_smile:


They usually do go hand in hand, but there are folks are do Daily 5 without CAFE and so I guess vice-versa would work, too. However, maybe you can be the trail blazer in this area. Since you have the experience and knowledge, you could start to make a difference in the teachers’ and kids’ lives.

Perhaps talking with your principal and a team member or two about “giving it a go”. You might do this by going the question route–asking leading questions like, “How do you decide which strategies to teach to whom?” “When do you meet with your readers to find out their mastery or need for specific strategies?”

If you need to see an example of planning sheets that the Sisters shared, you can see it at this link: