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Are Your Writing Strategies Displayed?


I love this. I would really appreciate a copy.


Does this mean you are doing “writing workshop” during “work on writing” time? or is this being done at another time during the school day?


Please also send me a copy at! Thank you!


Many people do a writer’s workshop outside of the Daily 5 time. work on writing is reserved for free writing journal time. I’ll email you the menu.


I would love a copy of your fabulous document!
Would you please share it with me. The use of the CORE acronym is so smart!


Hello! I would like a copy of the menu as well. Thank you!


would you also email me:slight_smile:



Could you please send this CORE writing rubric for 1st grade to me as a word document?

Thank you,


Hi! I know this post is from a while ago but I would also love to have a copy of your Writing Menu as well! My email is
Thank you!


Can you send a copy to Thanks so much!


Sending your way. Just remember, this is not an “official” Daily CAFE document–they did give me permission to use the format, but the words are from my team at school :).


May I have a copy as well?


:fu: Just sent your way.


I would love a copy of the First grade CORE writing. I will be new to first grade next year!


I’ll get it to you soon. :slight_smile:


Could I get a copy too?

Thank you so much,


I just sent it your way.


May I have a copy of the CORE writing rubric?
I have a rubric we use, if you would like to see it.
Where would I send it?
With Sincere Thanks,
Kay Heilman


I will send it to you, and would love to have a copy of your rubric, too! My email is What’s yours?


Just sent you the CORE menu this morning :slight_smile: