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Are Your Writing Strategies Displayed?


I’ll send it to you in just a bit. Please note the statement at the bottom that we used the Sisters menu format for our writing menu :).


srea, I too am interested in the CORE grade 2 writing menu. If is not too late to have a copy, may I please?
Thank you!
I would really appreciate it.


Sure, I can send it to you. Just an FYI that our menu is based on the form of the CAFE menu, as noted on the bottom of the sheet. Let me know if you have any questions.



Hi srea…hope this gets through. I came across your writing strategies template based on cafe board and loved it immediately. If its still being shared i would love a copy. Thank you sooo much. I’ll trial it with my year 1 and 2 class here in new zealand. Thanks again.


I will send them along to you. It’s exciting for us to know the menus will be used in New Zealand!!!



I would love a copy of the writing menu, CORE.


I’ll send them your way–just a note that the menu format is based on the Sister’s reading menu, as noted on the bottom ;).


Could I please have a copy of the CORE writing menu?! It looks fantastic!! Its my first year teaching stage 1 as I have only ever taught from year 4 up and i’m so nervous!


Could you please send this my e-mail! We are starting Daily 5/CAFE this year and I have been looking for something like this. Here is my e-mail:

Thank you so much!


Hi. May I also have a copy of your writing rubric, please?


Hi. Sorry…I forgot to send my e-mail address to I hope you are able to share the writing rubric. Thank you!


Hi! I’m new to Daily 5/CAFE. So new that I my first go at it will be next school year!!! I really like your CORE menu of writing strategies. If possible, could you please email me a copy of your CORE menu?

If you don’t have one already, you should really consider opening a TPT store with the menu and headers for bulletin boards. I’m sure many teachers would be interested in having that available.

Now if someone would create a 4-letter acronym of strategies to work with Math Daily 3… :grin:

Thank you!


Hello, I am a «conseillère pédagogique en français» in my school board in Gatineau Québec Canada and many teachers are starting to use CAFÉ in french. They love it. I would love to receive the writing menu so I could see how I can make one in french. A lot of teachers started using the for writing. I wonder how I could bring all of it in one menu. Here is my adress: Thank you very much for the document.

Happy Easter!


Attached is the menu I created with a third grade teacher. We call it “I-CAFE” and structured using the Writing Workshop process. Many of the menu items are district specific terms.


Hi there! I am just stumbling across this and think it is fantastic! My students love the CAFE board and I know this would transform our writing as well! Is there any way you would be able to share it with me?
Thank you so much!!



I would love a copy as well.


Hi, please send me the writing strategies in a word document. I appreciate it.
Thank you!


Could I please get a copy as well? My e-mail is Thank you so much. I went to the daily five workshop here in Orlando and it was great, but they did not discuss writing at all!


srea, I know this is an old post, but I have just begun Daily 5 in my classroom. May I have a copy of this writing rubric as well?


srea, it looks like your rubric is still in high demand! :slight_smile:
If you would please send me a copy, I would be very appreciative!