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Are Your Writing Strategies Displayed?


I will send them to you in just a bit. I’d love to get your feedback!


To everyone who has asked for the writing menus, note the following:

“Please note that the writing menus shared here are adapted from the CAFE menu © Boushey and Moser.”

We all want to make sure that we are giving credit to the Sisters for all their work. I have added this notation to the bottom of my menus. In the future if I share them with you, this will be added. If you received them earlier, please be sure to note this on your copies.

Thanks for understanding.




I would love to know more about the combination Reading/Writing Cafe Board. I think this is a GREAT ideas as readers make writers and writers make readers! Could you say more about how you link specific reading/writing strategies like you did for “Check For Understanding”?


I’ll send the menus to you. We did if for 4 areas of writing–Content and Development, Organization, Revision and Editing and Conventions. We went through our state standards for 1st and 2nd grade. We decided to use the format of the “menu”, as our students are so familiar with it from CAFE.

As I mentioned above, just be sure to note that we adapted our format from the Daily CAFE :copyright: by the Sisters.


I would love a copy!
Thanks so much!


I will send them your way. You’ll see how we put them into the CAFE format. (Note the acknowledgement at the bottom of them.) These are designed for first and second grades, but could be easily adapted for your grade level with your standards.


I am new to second grade this year. Could you please send me a copy?
My address is


I just sent them your way. Please note the statement at the bottom, stating that this format is adapted from the CAFE menu:copyright: , Boushey and Moser.


Can I please have a copy of the First Grade Writing CORE? Thanks!


I will send it to you soon. Remember, this is a writing menu teachers at my campus designed, using the CAFE menu and our state standards as our guide.


This looks fantastic! If you are willing to share, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks so much!


I’ll send it your way in a bit.


]Is this chart still Available? I would love to use this for my 2/3 class! Please send me a copy if you are able: Thanks!


Is it too late to ask for a copy also? THANK YOU!


Oh course not! I’ll send them your way in a few minutes :). Let me know what you think–we’re always striving to improve upon them.

Focus Lessons for Middle School Students

Thank you so much! I teach third grade but these rubrics do help me so much. Thank you for sharing!



If you could send me a copy of your 1/2 writing menu, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!


I remember the acronym for Writing. It is CORE: Content, Organization, Revision, Editing.
I teach First Grade and use a pinterest idea for building speed and fluency with writing BEFORE I even tackle any meaningful writing. It involves: Forming Neat Letters, Finger Space, Capitalize/Punctuate a sentence. Spell Word Wall words (hi-frequency words) correctly. After students master this
, I take them through small group writing to teach narrative, opinion, and how-to writing.


I’ll send it to you in just a bit :). Let me know what you think.



Srea, I also teach first grade and would love a copy of the CORE menu for writing that you use. Please send me a copy. It would be so appreciated.