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Are Your Writing Strategies Displayed?


To those of you I’ve sent the menu to, I’d love to hear some feedback about it and how you might have improved on it or changed it for your needs :).



I was one of the people you shared the menu with. I teach a 4/5 combined class. I have been thinking about what I need to add and delete to meet my purpose. I was thinking about posting it, but have been hesitating becuase I already have the cafe board and a running lists for daily 3 math. Do you have yours posted?


I’m a literacy coach/reading spec at my school, so I don’t really have a room :). Many of our teachers do have the menu posted, but then they don’t have Daily 3 Math posted, so I can understand your thinking.

Certainly you could just put the writing menu in their writing folders, and refer to it while you are conferring rather than posting, if that would work for you. One of our teachers made a “poster-board” sized writing menu with all the strategies on it, and uses a piece of highlighter transparency to showcase the specific strategy for the mini-lessons she’s teaching.

I think you just have to make it work for you!!


Hi, may I please have a copy as well? Thank you!!


Just sent it your way :wink:


Hi, may I also have a copy please? Thank you


I would also like a copy of your writing rubric. My email address is:


Hi Could you a send a copy please?
Thanks for sharing


I sent to dmore3, aalejo and Hollyhart–I hope you all received it, and would love to hear how you use it :).


Love the writing rubric. Could you send me a copy? Thank you soooo… much and Happy New Year!!!


Hi! I would love to have a copy also, if that is okay!
Thank you!!


pkmac01, linda s --Just sent you both the menu :smile:


Thank you for posting your hard work! If you don’t mind,could you also send it to me? My email address is I truly appreciate it!


Thank you Suzanne
I’m just starting out with CAFE and Daily 5.


I know you’ll have some great experiences in watching your children grow with D5/CAFE!! We sure to ask questions on here a get responses from lots of dedicated teachers!!


Here is a link to First Steps Writing Map of Development. It overviews writing across the developmental stages.


I use the VOICES acronym for the 6 traits of writing. Voice, Organization, Ideas/content, Conventions, Extended Vocabulary, Sentence fluency. I can’t remember where I got the specific strategies, but I did find them on someones blog 3 years ago in a printable formate. I’ll see if I can’t post the link when I find it.

#38 would be grateful for the rubric (word doc) as well. thank you!


Hello Srea,
Would you please email me a word document of your writing strategies, too?
This is a great tool! Thank you so much for sharing! My email address is


I just sent it to you. Feel free to make it your own. Let me know if you have any questions.