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Are Your Writing Strategies Displayed?


Is there a CAFE board for writing? How do you display your writing strategies?


I am sad to see there is no discussion for writing. In the past there was reference to an out of print writing resource- Developing Writer’s Assessment. I have not been able to obtain it ( well I found part of it, but that only led to more questions.) In the old discussion board someone referred to a writing acronym they made up. I can no longer find that post.

I wish there were more discussion about writing.


I, too, have many questions as to where writing instruction takes place. I read, I think in the book, that Writing Workshop takes place at another time in the day. I don’t know how I can fit it in. I would love more discussion about writing within the D5 classroom.


Hi all!

I have combined my CAFE board to include reading and writing strategies. I find that most of them are useful to us as readers and writers. The heading definitions are changed to reflect that; e.g. Comprehension: I understand what I read and write.
The strategy “Check for understanding” is linked to reread writing to make sure it makes sense - or, in many of my very young writers cases re read to see if you remember what you are writing and that it makes sense. I am always drawing the children’s attention to reading, writing, and speaking strategies that are alike (or the same) so thought - why not?
So far it is working for me in my grade 1 class.


Here is a writing rubric my first grade team worked on and is using that works for us. We used the acronym CORE–you can see the headings. The black text is for 1st and 2nd grades both, and the blue text is for only 2nd grade.


Would you be willing to share this as a word document? I really like this!


Sorry I saw that it can be downloaded, but the left side looks to be cut off.


I’m happy to share. If you will send your email to me, I’ll send it right back to you.

#9 is my email. Thank you


Meghan–I just sent it to you. Let me know if it comes through OK or not!


Hello Srea-I’d love to have your first grade rubric as well. Do you mind? my email is
Thanks so much!


I just sent it to you. :smile:


I would appreciate this as a word document as we’ll.
Thank you


Just sent it to you :slight_smile:


Hi, This is wonderful! could you please forward this to my email as well? thank you so much!


Could you please send this to me as well.
Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Just sent it! Enjoy, and happy writing.


Can I get a copy too? Love it!!!


I would love a copy, too!
Thanks so much!


I would also like a copy. It’s a great tool. My download has the left side cut off as well.
My email address is

Thank you!